Lost mittens

You know what you cannot photograph? What you cannot find. You are just going to have to take my word for it that I finished the pair of half done mittens I posted before. Imagine there are two of them. Imagine that they match in size. Imagine that they have perfect little thumbs all nicely attached and that all of the ends are woven.

Can you see it in your mind? Joy and bliss.

In my house full of crocheted items it could be a while before we come across the mittens. We used to have a little storage piece in the entryway that held all of our warm woolie things. We overran that and started annexing other parts of the house for crochet storage. Now there are so many things that is often hard to find the exact thing you want, even though you know it is here somewhere. On an up note, there are likely a dozen other options when you cannot find the thing you want.

I can share that I made a mandala.

It would have been more calming if the ends magically wove themselves.

I held two strands of Malabrigo merino lace together for each round of this. I like it. I think I need to add a bit more crochet to the decoration of my home instead of just decorating my family. So, first of more to come. It was nice to make. It was repetitive enough to be quick to learn a row but fast enough to be done in an afternoon. It would have been more calming if the ends had just vanished.

Third start is a charm, right?

I also started a new cowl with the Shibui yarn I received for Valentine’s Day. It is so soft and nice to work with. I started this with a smaller hook, worked it flat, hated it, ripped it out. I upped the hook size, worked it flat, hated the edges, ripped it back. Now I am at an even bigger hook size, working in the round, and I am finally happy. It’s working up nicely. I think I need to start a new policy of using up yarns new into the house quickly. I think I could be shooting myself in the foot with this because of the Christmas haul, but so many awesome yarns have been languishing in my stash that it makes me sad. I need to use things.

To that end, I think I want to try the Lost in Time wrap from Mijo Crochet. I have been looking at this for years. I started one once while I was sitting all day through jury duty selection but I didn’t like the colors (I also was not chosen for jury duty so yippee!). For some reason, I never went back to it. I remember enjoying the challenge of it. I think I should try again. There was a lot to learn from in that design. It would be good for me to try again.

Meg wishes you a happy Sunday!

She’s helping.

Mittens and fingerless gloves

I found a picture of a pair of mittens I made for H on my desktop where I normally drop photos I intend to use for the blog. A quick glance at the posts since summer leads me to believe I never posted it. I could be wrong. I know that I did a pair of fingerless gloves for A with the leftover yarn and those had their own tale of woe, which I think caused the mittens, which turned out so nicely, to be forgotten. Anyway, mittens!


And this picture, now that I see it large, reminds me that I never got pictures of the finished mittens. Sigh. They are done. It is dark here now, though, and the lighting is not good. I will try to get a picture tomorrow and show you the glory that is these mittens.

I have a picture of the finished fingerless gloves I did for H, though.

Long and elegant gloves in a happy color

These go up past H’s elbows so that she has nice arm warmers for cool nights in the summer or seriously stupidly cold days in the winter. I used a foundation double crochet to start, a linked double crochet for the body, and did ribbing for the bit above the elbow so it would move nicely. I did not consider that the linked double crochets would leave a rather noticeable gap where each row joined. I was going to stitch it closed, but now I have decided that I like the swirling look of it, so it’s a style choice.

If the light is right, I’ll get a photo of the mittens tomorrow.

The traveling project

At home I am steadfastly making tiny squares for the Bright Star project. But I need a traveling project. To that end, I have started a tunic for H.

Guess what? Stripes!

H loves tunics. She has been after me to make her another for a while, and I have been mulling it over. I got a nice basket of yarn for Christmas that I wanted to use sooner rather than later, so, here we are.

Malabrigo yarn makes me very happy.

I started with a foundation double crochet (for ease of putting on) and a few rows of moss stitch in one color, and now I am doing stripes in two other colors. I plan to keep varying the moss stitch stripes down to the skirt portion. I think I will use a bigger hook and a more open stitch pattern for that part to give it some flare.

Since this project does not involve far too many little cakes of lace weight and tiny motifs, I am using it as my traveling project. Since I will not be working it that frequently, expect this one to take a long, long time to finish. Not as long as the Bright Star sweater, but a long time.

I made a little dragon tail

A while ago I was trying to knock off a knitted wrap that had solid and lace sections. I worked it out but ended up making a wrap out of only the lace bit. It was done in double crochets and chains (I can make up a diagram if anyone wants one) and, because of the way I did the increasing, it made a long and skinny triangle. I think it is a long and skinny right triangle with scalene tendencies. Anyway, it makes a nice scarf.

Or a dragon tail.

This dragon is a resting. Or perhaps he’s reading. Or perhaps he’s watching the sunset. Or perhaps he is eating someone up. Who can tell with dragons?

I made one of these earlier out of two skeins of Malabrigo merino lace. This one was made with one skein of MadTosh Prairie. It worked up fairly quickly, and I like it. H claimed this one, as usual. The first one went off to a family member.

Alright. It’s not a dragon. It will not be eating anyone up and just when I had good ideas about who it could snack on.

I cannot get a picture of the whole thing all stretched out right now because it is cold and dismal everywhere. So, maybe spring? Just look at the picture and think long thin triangle. 😉

The air plants curse the dismal nature of the day and long for the sun.

The yarn altar is born

We had a lot of illnesses over the holidays. What do I do when I get sick? I watch movies. What movies do I watch? It depends. Sometimes I just watch what comes up on Netflix. Sometimes I re-watch Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell for the 100th time and dream about the costumes. But if I am really feeling sick and my asthma is flaring and I need the comfort of something that brings me joy, I watch Bright Star for the crochet.

I watched it again.

And again.

And I came to a conclusion. I must make a sweater like the Sophie Digard one in Bright Star. I went online and looked at lots of pictures. I went to the various blogs that mention the costumes in the movie. (Do not get me started on the number of people who fought against the idea that this was crochet because, well, crochet can’t be this.) I printed relevant pictures. I raided my stash. I spent my holiday funds on more yarn. I put it all in a basket and it overflowed. I took over the hearth and now I have . . . the yarn altar.

Behold the glory!

I still have a few hanks to turn into cakes and some trials with motifs to go. So far, I have mastered some small squares.

They’re already cute!

So by mastered I mean I got them worked out so they look just how I want them to look. I’ve done motifs before, but they always have something about them that just isn’t quite right. Now they are perfect. The amount of time and money and energy this project will require does not allow for small errors.

Here is what I did.

4 chains in a joined ring

chain 1, 6 sc around the chains and join

chain 1 and sc OVER the first 6 sc 11 times, join, break yarn (this gives the puffy center look)

join new yarn

chain 3, work two dc (one in each sc), chain 3, *3 dc, ch 3* around, one dc will have to go in the joining chain. This makes it so the spacing is even the whole way around. It’s a little change from the standard way to work but it makes all the difference. Join into the third chain of the turning chain and you are done.

I’m leaving long tails so I can sew them together at the end. I’m not quite sure how I will do the front yet, so I do not want to start attaching them together until I have had months to ponder this and worry myself sick about it.

But I am very excited. If things go well, H will have a sweater. If the yarn holds and things go really well, A will have a scarf, too. If things go amazingly well and the yarn holds, I will a little shrug, as well. So excited!

A new weaving project

H thought she would try a new weaving project. She has 8 ounces of lace weight hand spun yak that she has been mulling over using. She decided to warp with a thicker and much bluer yarn and use the yak as weft. It’s coming nicely. She works on it in the evenings with the ever insistent help of her friendly (to her) rabbit Hazel.

Hazel has taken a sudden turn toward me and I do not know why. To H she is still sweet and cuddly. I think perhaps I do not give treats out quickly enough and mostly offer clean litter boxes instead of yummy bowls of greens and herbs. I’m like that. Difficult.

Here is the warp in progress.

I was feeling dramatic

It went quickly since we were not planning anything fancy and it was all one color. There were a few snags, though.

Not on the table

She swears she is helping. Doesn’t she look like a little helper? She bit the yarn seconds after this photo was taken. She did not break it, just got it spitty. I love my cat.

H plans to start a second weaving project soon with a cotton warp and recycled yarn from worn out leggings as the weft. She is so dedicated to recycling and reusing. She hopes to get some funky rugs out of the recycled leggings. I look forward to seeing them.


And so a month went by (many little posts to catch up to now)

A month has gone by since my last post and a lot has happened. We’ve had holidays and colds and new yarn and more colds and new projects and yet another cold. I think instead of doing one giant post to update all we’ve been up to, I’ll make a couple of shorter posts this week.

We had a lovely holiday. We were in on Christmas Eve, which was the best, and we all watched an adorable YouTube video of squirrels. Crookshanks, as you can see, enjoys television squirrels and their silly ways. Real squirrels are a bit too much for him. He really wants one to be his friend forever and ever. Thus far, no luck. Poor boy.

Cute cat, cute squirrels, happy evening

I did not do a lot of handmade gifts this year. I was just too far into playing with my own ideas to organize myself. A on the other hand, created a darling, if sulky, duck. Is it melancholy? Is it just brooding about the short days? Does is fear the snow? It is now in its happy home, so let’s hope it is just a contemplative duck and not a sulky duck.

I believe I am a sulky duck

It really does suck the life out of you if you get sick (repeatedly) over the holidays. First, you are behind on the stuff you were already behind on. Second, it just feels miserable to not see people or to see them and make them sick. There were many bright points to the holidays, though, so we shall dwell on those instead of the ear I still can’t hear out of and my new discovery of a neomycin allergy.

More of our holiday adventures tomorrow. 🙂